About Luminary Experiences

What We Do

The Luminary Experiences ("LE") breaks away from the typical luxury travel model that relies on popular, "tried, and true" activities and destinations. Instead, LE taps thinkers and influencers in an eclectic set of fields to join an intimate group of fellow travelers. The itinerary brings guests to a compelling collection of destinations that focus on a specific area of culture, history, or interest relevant to the Luminary leader's work. Attendees enjoy a close connection with the Luminary and gain access to exclusive events and activities not ordinarily available to the public.

Who We Are

“Luxury travel has remained the same for the past 50 years. Instead of letting cookie-cutter itineraries dictate your experience, stand side-by-side someone you’ve always admired as you gain special access to a new or familiar destination in style”

– Cameron MacMillan, Co-Founder of the LE Program


Our team is experienced and ready to assist you with your trip.  Always focused on creating the most interesting pair of Luminary and destination, you’ll find their trips to be unique and their knowledge vast so please never hesitate to reach out with a question you may have.